18mm Snap-off Induction Hardened Blade - 3 Pack

18mm Snap-off Induction Hardened Blade - 3 Pack

  • Segmented blade, the snap off design provides multiple fresh, sharp tips to the end user to increase blade life when keeping a sharp edge is critical 18mm = 8 Segments 25mm = 7 Segments
  • Universal fitment, the profile is a standard snap-off blade so will fit most snap-off Knives, globally
  • Induction hardened edge provides a cutting edge that is +75% sharper and that stays sharp x2 longer than a standard carbon steel blade

Product Overview

The DEWALT® 18mm Snap-off Blades allow for a sharp cutting edge without having to change a blade.

Additional Features


Blade Length [Metric]
18 mm



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