Since launching the XR FLEXVOLT system we have received a lot of questions about the battery technology and the tools themselves. Here are a selection of the most frequently asked questions about XR FLEXVOLT.

Does 54V FLEXVOLT give more runtime AND more power? cursor

54V always gives more power, this will be more evident during harder applications. This increased power opens up applications that were previously not possible on cordless. Attempting similar applications on lower voltage cordless tools will put a strain on the tool and most likely drain the battery quicker as the tool is not working efficiently. Due to the higher power level 54V offers a significant speed of application advantage vs. existing cordless in certain applications (e.g. cutting 2 x 4” timber with a circ saw). Because the application is completed more quickly the total amount of energy required is less despite the higher power levels, leading to increased runtime.

Why on heavy applications do we get improved runtime on 54V FLEXVOLT compared with 18V despite the same Wh rating (fuel tank)? cursor

54V tools are more powerful, and will complete more demanding applications quicker and more efficiently, resulting in less energy being used. This advantage is bigger for more difficult applications.

How can it be both 18V and 54V? cursor

The battery power output depends on which tool it’s plugged into. On an 18V XR tool, the cells inside the battery pack link in parallel. When fitted to an XR FLEXVOLT tool, the battery cells link in series increasing the voltage to 54V.

Do I need all new tools? cursor

No. The XR FLEXVOLT battery is compatible with all DEWALT XR 18V cordless products.

Are XR FLEXVOLT batteries compatible with the entire 18V XR product range? cursor

Yes, XR FLEXVOLT batteries are compatible with the entire 18V XR product range including chargers.

Can I run an XR FLEXVOLT tool on an 18V battery? cursor

No. XR FLEXVOLT tools have a more powerful motor which needs to be powered by a 54V battery.

Will the battery charge on my existing charger? cursor

Yes, the XR FLEXVOLT battery is compatible with your existing 18V charger. There will also be an XR FLEXVOLT fast charger available which will fully charge the 6AH XR FLEXVOLT battery in 60 mins.

Will there be transport issues for such a high capacity battery? cursor

As the XR FLEXVOLT battery is one of our highest capacity batteries to date, we have also developed an innovative transport cap to allow the batteries to be moved around easily. The battery transport cap separates the strings of cells so that one battery pack assembly can be classed as three battery packs during transportation; for road and rail transportation inside of the European Economic Community (EEC) the battery can be shipped under special provision 188 of the ADR Regulations. If the battery transport cap is not used these batteries will be subject to Class 9 dangerous goods regulations. These regulations apply to Li-Ion batteries above 100 watt hours (Wh). Watt hours are shown on the ratings label of on the underside of the battery pack. The XR FLEXVOLT battery pack must have a transportation cap fitted whilst it is in transit. For Full Details please visit 2helpu.com

Can the Table Saw be plugged into mains power? cursor

No – the DCS7485 Table Saw is a dedicated cordless power tool.

Which accessories should I use? cursor

DEWALT has developed a new range of accessories which have been optimised for the XR FLEXVOLT power tools. Using the correct EXTREME RUNTIME accessories will allow you to get the maximum performance from the XR FLEXVOLT range. Check each product page to see which accessories are designed for each tool.

Will there be a higher AH version? cursor

You’ll have to watch this space / sign up to email database to find out more.

Will there be any more XR FLEXVOLT tools? cursor

Yes, DEWALT will be constantly expanding the XR FLEXVOLT range with more products launching over the next 12 months.

Do XR FLEXVOLT products come with a Warranty? cursor

Yes. The XR FLEXVOLT range of power tools is covered by DEWALT’s standard 1 year warranty which extends to 3 years if the tools are registered on MyDEWALT. The 3 year warranty is not applicable to the XR FLEXVOLT battery or Fast Charger.