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The XR FLEXVOLT DCS777 is DEWALT's first cordless 216mm mitre saw. Powered by the 54V XR FLEXVOLT battery this mitre saw gives you the power of a corded saw, with the portability of a cordless saw. The DCS777 mitre saw also offers supreme accuracy with our XPS Cutline feature which ensures great visibility by illuminating the workpiece. The powerful XR FLEXVOLT battery provides approximately 220 cuts per charge and consistent power delivery. The saw is compact and lightweight measuring 550 mm x 490 mm and weighing in at only 14KG. Plus, the DCS777 mitre saw is Air Lock compatible for extreme dust management efficiency.

features and benefits


220 cuts of 38 x 66mm timber on a single charge


Dust Extractor: Single Point. Airlock Compatible


XPS LED Light: Improve Cut Line Visibility

Voltage 54V
Blade Speed 6300 rpm
Blade Diameter 216 mm
Blade Bore 30 mm
Bevel Capacity 48°
Mitre Capacity (left/right) 50/50°
Cutting Capacity at 90/45°(WxH) 173 x 62 mm
Cutting Capacity at 90/90°(WxH) 270 x 62 mm
Cutting Capacity at 45/90°(WxH) 189 x 62 mm
Max Cutting Capacity at 45/45° 190 x 48 mm
Max Depth of Cut (Saws) 80 mm
Weight 14 kg
Depth 550 mm
Length 490 mm
Height 590 mm
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Blade for mitre saw DT99569 216 mm Use the new XR FLEXVOLT mitre saw blades alongside the DCS777 for the optimal cordless performance. The extra sharp carbide teeth give longer useable life between re-sharpening.

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The optimised tooth form combining two alternate top bevel teeth followed by a raker tooth allows for the efficient cutting and cleaning of the kerf. This minimises the battery power required to make the cut line and prolong's battery life.


Thinner carbide teeth allow the blade to pass through timber with less resistance. Less power is required to drive the teeth through the wood resulting in more cuts per charge.